I haven’t really given…

I haven't really given you a proper summary of the weekend -- honestly, we were mostly in coping mode all the way through. Kavi wanted to be sweet and delightful, but she kept getting overwhelmed by the hordes of people, many of whom reached right out and grabbed her out of our arms, despite her parents' requests to please leave the baby alone. The children were more at fault than the adults...but not by as much as you might think.

Kavi responded to the stress by demanding that mama carry her right now, which a) was a bit embarrassing when it happened in the midst of the ceremony, and b) got very exhausting very quickly. I was falling down tired by the end of the weekend, and while Kevin tried to help as much as Kavi would let him, he got pretty exhausted too. Frustrating, because it meant that I couldn't pay as much attention to the actual wedding as I would have liked to in an ideal world, but what can you do? I think this is just the price of having a toddler at a wedding. On the plus side, everyone else thought she was adorable, and there was no discussion of the fact that her parents weren't married, so I suppose we should be counting our blessings. :-)

Sharmi looked like a perfect bride, and she and Ryan both looked awfully happy, just the way they ought to, despite all the wedding planning madness. Mirna did a ton to help the wedding run smoothly at every stage; it was really all very impressive and delightful. I was kind of surprised that nothing went disastrously wrong -- perhaps the worst bit was when I forgot my razor at home, borrowed a cheap one from the hotel, and managed to severely gash my leg just before the rehearsal dinner. But the bleeding eventually stopped (no thanks to the hotel which utterly failed to find band-aids despite several requests and promises of aid), and I'm not sure anyone else even noticed. Stung like hell, but if that's the worst disaster of a wedding, I'd say we got off easy.

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