From N’s journal, a meme…

From N's journal, a meme to spread:

I'm trying to end all my sentences with the phrase "in these dark times" and it's working to great effect. Such as, "We'd better go to the store today. We don't want to run out of milk in these dark times." And, "Z, paint while you can. This may be the end of expensive crayola paints in these dark times." "Extra butter on my English Muffin. You can't fatten up too much in these dark times." This sentence changes it up a bit: "The house can stay messy. In these dark times, the dirt and dust may be the only thing we actually own." "Dear Students, You've asked and I've finally agreed. In these dark times, you don't need to be on time, turn in your papers on time, or participate in workshop. The University may not even be here by the end of the semester."
It's clearly ridiculous trying to write a book in these dark times.

I'm staying in bed in these dark times.

Why bother showering in these dark times?

6 thoughts on “From N’s journal, a meme…”

  1. I was casually wondering earlier if I could get through the weekend without putting on pants. Now I see that it’s important to do so–it’s my patriotic duty to conserve our limited pants resources in these dark times.

  2. Oops, sorry, my phrasing was ambiguous. Yep, that’s what I meant — conserve them by not wearing them.

    Sadly, in these dark times, it became necessary to put pants on to go grocery shopping this evening.

  3. The funny thing to me is that I don’t think I realized how dark the times were until I heard it from you. Tomorrow my 8-year-od niece will be telling me about the dark times. I’ve been hearing things for SO LONG that I’ve become jaded. How bad is it gonna get, when will we hit bottom? I’m guessing smarter people than I have a sense of where we’re headed – inflation or a depression? The fact is, there doesn’t seem to be much I can or should do differently in these dark times.

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