I hate to support clever…

I hate to support clever marketing ploys, but the truth is, I love the new iTunes Genius playlist option, where you choose one of your songs, hit the genius button, and it makes a playlist out of your available music based on that song. (It also suggests many other songs you might like that you don't yet own and which, conveniently, you can buy from iTunes right now -- but so far, I've managed not to look over at that side of the screen.) I love it.

It's similar to what Pandora radio does, but because it uses your own iTunes library, it has an added benefit for me -- it lets me rediscover tons of music I already own but don't often listen to. I find myself rating lots of songs that I hadn't bothered rating before, and adding some of them to my Favorites playlist. It's just a good thing, and I likes it.

Just one problem so far with the new update -- I can't find a way to get my Library in iTunes to just list all the songs (rather than with graphics by Album, Artist, etc.) the way it used to. Frustrating. Help?

Oh, also when it can't find a Genius option for a song, it tells me to 'Update Genius from the Store menu' -- which is all well and good, but I can't find that option in the Store menu. Meh.

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  1. At the top right of your iTunes screen, to the left of the Search box, should be three symbols beneath which say View. Click on the leftmost one (the parallel horizontal lines) to see your music listed w/album covers.

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