I think I may have a new…

I think I may have a new staple dish. I cook with recipes pretty often, but most of the time, I make something from a recipe once, and then not again, or not again for months or years at least. But every once in a while, I like a recipe enough that it enters the regular rotation of things I make, and which I quickly no longer need the recipe for. It's sort of an odd assortment; my basic dishes include:

  • rice/uppuma and a variety of curries (beef, chicken, seafood, potatoes, eggs, mushrooms, green beans, carrots, beets, cauliflower, coconut sambol)
  • spaghetti with or without meatballs
  • meatloaf
  • pasta with chicken/sausage/bell peppers
  • quesadillas with bell peppers
  • green peppers stuffed with rice and cheese
  • risotto (usually lemon-asparagus)
  • baked polenta with cheese and tomato/bell pepper sauce
  • Thai green curry with chicken/bamboo shoots/peas or green beans
  • crepes with fillings: chicken and mushrooms/asparagus, sauteed fruit, etc.
  • pancakes with eggs/bacon/mushroom/grilled tomato/etc.
  • various quiches (although Kev doesn't like quiche so much, so this one comes out more often for brunches)
  • white chocolate-cranberry cookies (not a complete dinner, no :-)
There were a few others that I should probably resurrect, that I've fallen out of the habit of making -- lemon-walnut baked chicken; roast lamb with orzo and tomato sauce. These are my go-to dishes, you know? The ones I can make for dinner without really thinking about it, and which work as complete meals, and which I've made so often that they *feel* easy to me, even if they're not actually any easier than other dishes. Some show up more often than others, but they're all pretty standard. And now I think I have a new ones -- chilaquiles!

I made the tomatillo sauce from scratch (recipes from Rick Bayless's Mexican cookbook, which I think is why they're so good, and it was easy -- I could easily do that once every few weeks. (Are tomatillos available year-round?) Last night we had them for dinner with chicken in the dish; this morning, we're going to have them for breakfast with roasted poblanos and eggs. Can't wait! Chilaquiles chilaquiles chilaquiles! Even saying the word makes my mouth happy.

What are your staple dishes?

3 thoughts on “I think I may have a new…”

  1. I just added a new one – stuffed pumpkin. A complete standout in kid friendliness, nutrition, flexibility and serious yumminess. Not to mention the very cool appearance of a whole pumpkin on the table.

    Your list looks great, but sadly my body isn’t happy with rice or pasta at night. It has to be an occasional treat for me, which has *massively* changed the way I cook. 🙂

  2. I tend to roast chicken a LOT (the joy of feeding just one person) and I do a lot with rice, rice with veggies, rice with an egg, etc. Also a lot with polenta…polenta with raspberries is a yummy breakfast!

    I did find a wonderful recipe, which I love, for potatoes with mung beans. Really tasty!

    Speaking of pumpkin, I did a pumpkin stew with lamb that was amazing.

    Unfortunately, a lot of things that used to be staples for me are now verboten (because of the celiac). Gluten-free pasta just doesn’t work quite as well… I do make a killer gluten-free chocolate cake though!

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