Lori’s over, and yay,…

Lori's over, and yay, writerly productivity. Finally revised "The Yellow Dress" (the one drafted over a weekend at the Rasaka workshop) and sent it to the The National Ten-Minute Play Contest, yay me. It apparently takes forever for them to read through them -- I'm supposed to get a response next fall, I think? Oof. I guess I'll just try to put the play out of my mind until then.

I also vented to her at some length about my stresses with Arbitrary Passions. Writer friends are good for that. This book, it drives me just a little mad.

Now, snack and tea, then maybe revise a short story I wrote a year or so ago and forgot about -- "Coffee Date." I am a little writing choo-choo train. Chug, chug, chug my way up the damn mountain...

3:30 update: Revised second piece! Woohoo! (It helped that it was very short. :-) Kavi's up now, so I'm done writing for the day, I guess. But oh, the productivity. It pleases me greatly.

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