Bisquick makes…

Bisquick makes pancakes
seem possible, even with
a toddler waking.

I'm guessing few of your mornings start with an ode to Bisquick, but it was just so nice, realizing that my sneaky plan to fall asleep early and thus wake up early had worked, leaving me plenty of time to first do my compulsive e-mail/journal check, make tea, and still have time for pancakes before Kavi even woke up. Yum yum yum. I did use up the last of the eggs, so somehow I need to run out this morning and pick up eggs, milk, and a few other sundry necessities before Lori arrives for writing day, but that should be do-able.

I'm not sure Kavi has had pancakes before -- I bet she'll like them, though! We are feeling very lucky that she seems to like most things we try her on, although she won't necessarily eat them on any given day. Rice and curry, bread and cheese, stew, fruit, eggs, frozen veggies, sausage, pasta -- it's all good. Her current favorites are the ever-present blueberries, yogurt, and/or cottage cheese.

I did briefly think about making bread from scratch instead, since I was up so early, but I knew I wouldn't be patient enough to wait for the whole rise, etc. process when I was already hungry. Another day.

Plan for today: hang out with Kavi, put some packages in the mail, get groceries, catch up on backlogged e-mail, revise "The Yellow Dress," plan DesiLit membership drive? Something like that...we'll see how it goes. My mood is much improved, and it's sunny and lovely out, very early autumn. Beautiful. And did I mention, pancakes!!!

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