Got my UIC business…

Got my UIC business cards this morning. I feel all official, although I also wonder whether I should have told them not to order them, as I'm not at all sure when I'll use them. Maybe at MLA/AWP, though.

Exercise log:

  • Time biking to campus: 35 minutes door-to-door. Definitely want to get that down to 30 max, and 20-25 would be better. (That only burns about 200 - 250 calories, which is a bit disappointing, but oh well.)
  • Status on arriving: Feel okay -- a bit flushed and quite sweaty, but otherwise fine. Definitely a good plan to bring a change of clothes with, and having a hand towel and water in my office for freshening up with!

  • Exercise plans next week: no biking to Monday (labor day), but Wed/Fri + a dance class or two
The best part of bicycling so far is that it's often pleasant and enjoyable. It depends a lot on road conditions -- a smooth road, good weather (when it turns slightly cool, that'll be even better), shady trees on a quiet street with no traffic -- all of that together makes for very happy bicycling, especially if I have plenty of time to get where I'm going and don't feel like I have to rush. About a third of my bike ride in is usually like that -- the rest of it has bumpy roads, no shade, and/or a fair bit of morning commute traffic. So, could be better, but also could be worse. The nice parts I really do enjoy, which is more than I can say for my treadmill!

I do want to do some other forms of exercise too, and the fall semester of dance classes is starting up at the Lou Conte dance center, where I used to go for classes back when we lived in Greektown. I'm going to try again next week -- there's a beginner jazz class on Thursday. I'm a bit nervous, mostly about being the largest woman in the room. I usually was back when I went before, and I'm a good 20-30 pounds heavier now. But I need to just suck that up and go; I'm sure everyone (or almost everyone) will be nice and try not to stare at my chunky self. I tried to coax some of my friends into going with me for moral support, but only one of them said maybe she could make it. Ah well; I can tough it out. I also need to remember not to overdo it -- I don't want to faint again!

There's also a pretty decent chance I might try: Dance Dance Party Party.

Okay, so half an hour before class; I think I'll be kind to my students and type up some notes for them on the theory I had them read. I think that'll help. (Profs in the room -- do you guys do that kind of thing? I have vague memories of maybe Vince Cheng and/or Kathryn Stockton handing out theory notes, but maybe I'm making that up?)

Plans for class: In lit, more on Mitsuye Yamada's "Warning" and at least review the intro to the Cheung (Inter-Ethnic Companion); in fiction, discuss Cather's "Double Birthday" and do some diversity exercises from my writing book-in-progress.

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