So here’s a question –…

So here's a question -- does my office need a comfy armchair? I think yes -- I have two hours between classes, and yesterday I sat tilted back in my desk chair and perched my feet up my desk to read, which was okay, but not ideal. I'm thinking that if I'm going to be in that office for three years (possibly more, see: renewable contract), it's probably worth investing in an armchair and ottoman. If I get rid of that regular chair in the corner, I think I can squeeze them in there. Nothing fancy, but I'm guessing I can find something decent at Target or IKEA. That's justifiable, right? (Wow -- just looked for Target armchairs on Amazon, and this one is so not the kind I need, but it's startlingly lovely for the price, and sturdy enough for outdoor use (that'd be the rubberwood/plywood combination); I wish I had an excuse to buy it.)

I did go look at the UIC surplus warehouse to see if they'd provide one for free, but there was nary an armchair to be found -- mostly many many metal filing cabinets, so if I wanted to fill my office with those...

How's it look?

I think this is my favorite part of the decorating, actually -- adding several XKCD comics to my door. :-) Note the goofy title too: Clinical Assistant Professor. People keep asking me whether it's a joint appointment with the hospital...I wonder what they think I teach!

8 thoughts on “So here’s a question –…”

  1. Oh, the clinical is great. You should indeed practice just the teensiest bit of medicine.
    It sounds like your week is going better. I pray mine will too (but yesterday, computer in techy room didn’t work at all). Ugh. I hate being the newbie.
    Um. Also. Your office is the nicest I’ve ever seen.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Heh. I think the photos make it look much bigger than it actually is. 🙂 I have a love-hate relationship already with the windows. On the one hand, cool architectural feature, excellent example of Brutalist design. On the other hand, let in hardly any light, which is fine right now, but will undoubtedly be horribly bleak in winter. We’ll see.

    Also, the red/orange tile floor is not so attractive (looks better in the photo than in person), but luckily, we already had a rug at home that I could bring in to cover most of it up.

    And yes, my week is going better. The computer guys got the airport to work on my laptop, thank god, so I don’t have to keep trying to look up the things I need on my phone. V. annoying!

  3. Mary Anne, it might well be worth asking your department if they can provide a different chair. Some universities have different options, and you don’t necessarily need to settle for the default choice. Buying your own for what may be only three years is a bit expensive, it seems to me.

  4. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Already check with them, sadly, no…

    And I’ll try to pick a chair that I can use in my house somewhere later, if necessary, I think.

  5. I like your office. Windows are great, even if you never look out them. The picture frames are a nice touch.

    Question: What is up with the fabric on the walls? Is it decorative or does it block a window? Do you have another panel to make it a little fuller?

  6. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    It’s decorative, just hiding many holes and gouges in the walls. 🙂 I could make it fuller, but then it looks a little too much like actual curtains — I did try that. I like the look of the two separate panels better.

  7. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Oh, and Merisi, thanks for the suggestion! I think that’s not really my style, although if I remember right, Kevin likes them. 🙂

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