I’m getting rid of my…

I'm getting rid of my size 8 clothes. They've been boxed up for a long time, so it's not as if they've been taunting me; the only clothes I have out are the ones that fit me now (12-14), or are a size smaller, my pre-baby size. If I continue exercising, I think there's a good chance I'll be back to fitting into a 10 by October-ish. Still, I would box up the 10's too, but I don't have room in the closet for more boxes.

But if I get rid of the 8's, I'll have room. Since a size 8 is unlikely to show up on my doorstep in the next three months, and since if it does show up, I will feel entirely entitled to purchase new clothes, I'm getting rid of the 8's I have. Nilofer's going to come by Wednesday to pick through them (as she has recently accepted that after two children, she's unlikely to be a 4/6 again anytime soon), and anything she doesn't take, I'm going to try at consignment stores, and anything they don't want, will go to Goodwill. So there. I did hang on to about five gorgeous and expensive pieces I love, just in case. But I'm getting rid of at least sixty pieces of clothing. Oof.

This is a big step, y'all. I haven't been a size 8 since...umm...college? So I've been hanging on to most of these clothes for fifteen years, and have moved them from Chicago to Philadelphia to Oakland to Salt Lake City to Chicago. God, that's sad. It's going to be a real relief to get rid of them, I think. Yay, me!

Now all I need is someone with fabulous taste who has hung on to their size 12 clothes that they no longer need to get in touch with me. :-)

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