Something funny for your…

Something funny for your weekend -- disasters in cake decorating.

In other news, it's been a decent morning, though Kavi's been sort of fretful the last two hours, which is a little hard to take, especially when I'm simultaneously trying to run a chat session for my online class. It's my own fault, in some sense -- we're trying to transition her to one nap a day instead of two, which is much easier for our schedules (because we get a big block of 2-3 hrs uninterrupted work time with the single longer nap). Some days it's no problem; other days, she gets really tired and fretful around 10-11ish. Like today.

Ah well -- Kavi's sleeping now, and I've finally gotten a shower, and am feeling more able to cope with the world. Lunch (hooray for leftover curry from a jar (add a little chili powder, and you're good to go), which I've been eating all week because I have very little interest in cooking) and then e-mail work for DesiLit and UIC. If I can get two solid hours of that, I'll call it a productive day. Once Kavi gets up, we'll probably go to the park for a while, let her play on the swings and such. Jarmila says she's gotten really good at all the playground equipment, and I haven't seen it, and I admit, I'm a little jealous that I've missed out. So we'll play catch-up on the joys of parenting this afternoon.

I just don't know whether to put Ellie in her box while we're gone, or tie her up outside the children's area (she's not allowed inside). She won't like either option. But I'll probably go with the latter, because at least that way she gets the walk to the park and back.

Fitness report: still no dieting (hooray for getting to eat -- this is so much more pleasant than counting calories!!!), and am back to long walks and other exercise -- trying for at least twenty minutes a day. Lost another pound and a half this past week, yay. 7.5 pounds down, 22.5 to go. God, that sounds discouraging. But if I can manage 12.5 by the start of October, for Sharmi's wedding, I'll call it a triumph, I think.

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