Submitted “At the Gates…

Submitted "At the Gates of the City" (my Mormon ghost story) to Podcastle. Yay, me. I also sent out "Jump Space" a few days ago to Asimov's. I tell my students that I recommend having 5-10 stories in circulation at any given time -- that gets me up to 2. Clearly, I have a ways to go.

Also added Gates to this site, a little startled that it wasn't up already. Not sure how that happened. Maybe I just never went through and added the stories from Silence and the Word to the website? Weird. I'll try and do that when I get a chance -- if there are any in particular that you'd like up, let me know. I think most of the erotica is up on site, but not the sf/f stuff, like the vampire love story, or the teddy bear story.

Why am I suddenly trying to sell short stories now, when I'm supposedly working on five (!) books? Because writing and publishing books is long and slow and often discouraging, and it'd be nice to get that burst of confidence that comes with short story sales again. Plus, some of those magazines pay good money.

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