I am feeling very…

I am feeling very victorious and grateful to the internet. A few days ago, due to a miscommunication between me and Kevin, a red beach towel went in the wash with several white items. Oh no! The whites, unsurprisingly, turned a splotchy pink. Kevin suggested bleach, but I've had bad luck with that -- it tends to turn white yellowish, in my experience. So I turned to the internet, and discovered that lo, RIT makes a dye remover, and there's also this odd stuff called bluing, which I remember Martha Stewart recommending once upon a time.

So I tried it -- one wash in the dye remover ($3.29), and a follow-up wash in bluing. I'm not sure the bluing did anything -- which is maybe not surprising, since it's supposed to counter the yellowish aging of whites. But the dye remover definitely got out tons of pink -- at the end of the day, most of the whites are pure white again, and one dress has the barest pink tinge that you probably wouldn't even notice if you didn't know it was there. So this is a public service announcement -- I recommend RIT white-wash dye remover!

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  1. Maybe this is an inferior male approach, but this has happened to me several times over the years. I have found that if I just ignore it, the pink goes away by itself within the next two, or rarely three, washings.

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