I feel like I need to be…

I feel like I need to be a bit careful blogging while at Clarion -- there's the traditional Clarion Cone of Silence, within which much workshoppery (and personal details) are contained. And I think there's an added responsibility as an instructor to be extra careful not to expose her students or their work. But I think it should be fine talking about my teaching, yes?

To that end, here's the supplemental stuff they're getting from me, in addition to the workshopping. Plus about seventy pages of my fiction (optional reading), a selection from pre-my-Clarion to present day ("Fleeing Gods", "Esthely Blue", "And Can This Ever End", "Monsoon Day", "Mint in Your Throat (ver. 1), "Ghosts", "Mint in Your Throat" (final), "Silence and the Word", Arbitrary Passions Ch. 4). Plus a good first-draft-y chunk of the writing book.

Afternoon Talks (with Exercises) (1 p.m., lounge)

  • Monday: Why Diversity? / Describing People
  • Tuesday: Where Are You From?
  • Thursday: Authenticity: The Big Debate

Evening Lectures (7 p.m., lounge)

  • Monday: Grants and Awards, Graduate School in Writing
  • Tuesday: Writing sexy (or sensual) scenes; also publishing in erotica/porn markets
  • Wednesday: My reading!
  • Thursday: Starting / editing magazines, foundations, etc.
  • Friday: Sri Lankan dinner with Mary Anne
My week at Clarion -- the week where the students gave up sleep completely. But at least I feed them at the end of it! :-)

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  1. >My week at Clarion — the week where the students gave up sleep completely.


    …you’re not kidding.


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