A few photos from…

A few photos from June:

When I got this, I just thought it was a cute stuffed toy, and it was insanely soft. I bought it very randomly, when I was in some non-baby store, shopping for something else entirely. A drugstore, maybe? But it's become one of my favorites of Kavi's toys, because while it looks like a bunny at first, it's not a bunny. It's a bear! In a bunny suit! How cute is that? (Googling tells me that this is actually not an uncommon idea, but I think it's just wacky. :-)

The ban on plastic toys in our household has been slightly lifted, but only when there's a toy that Kavi really loves. And to be fair, these plastic stackers are great -- you can stack them and insert them in multiple configurations, for extended playtime fun. (And what does 'extended playtime fun' translate too? More blog-reading for mommy!)

Now, that's just cute.

3 thoughts on “A few photos from…”

  1. Okay that orange top with the paisley detailing is adorable, I have a friend who would love that for her daughter, any idea where it’s from?

    I love outfits like that, with a bit of a south asia touch!

    And there really isn’t anything cuter than a baby in a box!

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I know, I love the S. Asia-esque outfits too. That top was from Baby Gap, but I think it’s from a few years ago; it was a pass-along from another baby. You might be able to find it if you search online, though. Ebay?

    A month or so ago I bought Kavi a cute white top with Indian-style silver embroidery from Baby Gap — it might have been in the boys’ or newborn section, and I don’t know if they still have them there; I just checked online and couldn’t find them there. It was part of a set, I think. You might check your local store.

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