2 thoughts on “Okay, I’m a sap, but…”

  1. Aww. Nice commercial.

    I saw the XKCD strip in passing but didn’t know what it was referring to, so was a little bewildered. So thanks for clearing that up.

    The only thing that didn’t really work for me in the ad is that the tune is a little different from the tune I know for “I love the mountains,” which kept making the ad feel a little bit off-kilter to me. I don’t know whether the different tune was intentional or just a matter of folk-processing; is that the tune you know for that song?

    (I also suspect I would have found the ad funnier if I ever watched the Discovery channel–given the inclusion of the Mythbusters guys, I’m guessing that several bits were direct references to specific shows.)

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Yah, the comments make it clear that tons of it was direct references. Me, I loved Stephen Hawking.

    I don’t know the tune well enough to be bothered.

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