You guys know about…

You guys know about Seasonal Affective Disorder, right? Well, I think becoming a mom has given me Seasoning Disorder. Because last night I forgot to put salt in the chicken curry, and this morning, I forgot to put sugar in my tea. Next I'll forget the pepper, and then we'll be in big trouble.

Plan for this morning -- Kavi's second swim class, which I'm dreading because she spent the first one wailing. But she seems like she's in a better mood today, so hopefully we'll be okay. I may make Kevin wake up and come with us anyway. Which will of course ensure that she's fine, but last time truly was hellish, especially after class in the locker room, where I had to put her down several times so that I could pull on various items of clothing myself, and each time she would howl bloody murder. I swear, if it were socially acceptable to just walk out to the car naked, I would have.

I also need to send reminders before class about the reading tonight, and my online workshop. I think I'm going to offer a half-session option, as several people have indicated interest, but are too tight of funds to do the full sequence. This afternoon, Vivek arrives, so I need to turn Kevin's study into a guest room; he's staying here tonight. This evening, dinner with him, then the reading. Might have a little time to work this afternoon; we'll see how it goes.

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