My new computer is…

My new computer is having difficulties. For one, the power cord that came with it often doesn't charge correctly -- I've resorted to using Kevin's power cord, which is always effective. And secondly, on Monday, I started having intermittent problems with the keyboard and mouse not responding. Sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for quite a long time. After much futzing, we have determined that if I plug in an external device, that usually fixes the problem. Also if I pick up and put down the laptop again, that sometimes fixes things. Yes, I have resorted to SHAKING MY COMPUTER TO MAKE IT WORK. This is pathetic. Sometime soon I need to take it to the Apple Store and make those goobers fix it, but I suspect that'll involve sending it off and getting a new computer from them, and I'm not ready to take a few days sans laptop yet, so for now, I will just keep shaking.

Despite the frustrations, yesterday was a blissful day. Kavi was in a great mood pretty much all day -- happy and laughing and wandering around and entertaining herself and bestowing random hugs. Total angel child. This is not typical, so when we get a day like this, we treasure it. I'm not sure what caused her delight (relief from teething pain, possibly), but whatever the cause, I'm grateful. It was also a day off for me -- I read a book, I watched tv, I played with the baby. It's true that around midday I got antsy that I hadn't done any work all day (even though it was supposed to be a day off), and I took an hour to reorganize our files and file the stack of waiting papers, which has been a project waiting to happen for a year at least now. Now every piece of paper is in its place, which is deeply, deeply satisfying to me.

All in all, my life is insanely good, full of love and laughter and interesting ideas. Please keep in mind when I'm kvetching about lack of time, etc., that I have been spoiled rotten up until now -- before Kavi, Kevin and I both got paid well for jobs with very flexible schedules and tons of at-home work time. Now, I get paid a bit less well, and we have baby expenses, so we're needing to be more careful with money, and I feel the pinch. And I have a lot less time, as does Kevin, so we're feeling that pinch as well. But it really is a pretty small pinch, compared to what other folks are going through, especially in these tough economic times. We can still pay for groceries and gas, no problem -- even babysitting that we don't strictly need. So I do, very much, count my blessings.

Now several birdies are chirping outside my window (the metaphor comes to life), and I need to try to get in a bit of exercise before Kavi wakes up. Plan for today -- go downtown and work at the Borders with Roshani, who is visiting town. Possibly do more chatting and/or window shopping than working. In the evening, make dinner for her family, and see how Kavi copes with Zoe, Margot, and baby Griffin. I think the baby at least will be fine. :-)

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