So the mini-Kriti…

So the mini-Kriti festival went great yesterday. Not a huge turnout, but more audience than panelists, which is what we like to see. :-) About fifteen people total, I think? And it seemed like everyone who came had a great time and thought the event was worthwhile, so that's satisfying. I have one more DesiLit event coming up -- Vivek Narayanan reading at the Book Cellar on Thursday. And then after that, a long, quiet stretch until the fall.

Is good; I need a little break from organizing, I think. Somehow, everything took five more e-mails and phone calls than it should have this time around, from booking a room to getting the panelists to...I don't even know what. Got on my nerves. But on the plus side, I think I'm getting more relationships in place with possible venues around the city, so that's good. After a few more years of this, maybe I'll be able to snap my fingers whenever I need a venue for an event, and one will suddenly appear. That'd be nice. :-)

Today, I've organized Kavi's first official playdate (which also took five e-mails or so :-) -- Kevin's colleague's wife Anne is coming over with their son Robert. He's two, I think? Maybe three? He was here at Kavi's birthday party, but that was so chaotic it was hard to tell how they played together; we'll have to try it and see. I'm looking forward to getting the chance to talk to Anne a bit more too; they're still fairly new in town, and she's many months pregnant with their second, and they just seem like potentially good friends with the shared child-rearing experience. I'm still feeling the lack of local parent-friends, I think. I have a few, but want more. Although my non-parent friends are also quite lovely, and I absolutely refuse to lose contact with them, as so many new parents seem to do. (Hmm...Kavi's thirteen months old now -- I don't think I can call myself a new parent anymore. But it all still feels quite new. And bewildering.)

Hey, I forgot to mention I wrote a story last week. A poly SF story, which I will send out to my workshop soon for crit. So that's cool. I'm not sure what I think of it, but it was definitely fun to write. At the festival yesterday, someone quoted someone famous saying that you should write what you love to read. Which I mostly don't, which is weird. Maybe one of these days I'll write a romantic poly story with dragons in. :-)

Oh, I hear the baby waking up. Let me just leave you with a few belated pics of us from her birthday party here, which I finally got around to downloading from Kevin's camera. In the second one (taken by Beth), she has birthday cake smeared all over her hand. And yes, my hair is getting a little out of control. Haircut soon.

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