Computer crashed last…

Computer crashed last night -- hard drive is dead. Thankfully, we saw it coming, and the auto-backup had run an hour before, so at most I lost an e-mail or two. I'm at the Apple store right now, getting a new computer (13-inch white MacBook, that I'm planning to try an artist Gelaskin on). But y'all should expect that it'll take a while to get everything set up on the new computer (I need to see if I still have my Microsoft Office disks for example), so I'll probably be mostly offline for the rest of the day, and maybe tomorrow too. If you sent me something in the last 24 hrs, you may want to resend in a day or two -- if it's urgent, you might want to call, or e-mail Kevin (

Plan for today -- lunch with Marian Thambynayagam, an old childhood friend who's in town, clean up the house and garden. In the evening, Jarmila is coming to watch Kavi while Kevin gives his students their final exam, and I go see Marian perform at Insight Arts; her work "explores the legacy of war amongst the Sri Lankan diaspora using gender and sexuality as a lens." So yeah, I pretty much have to go. :-)

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