I was a little worried…

I was a little worried yesterday evening, when it seemed like I was losing my voice, but it seems mostly better now. It's no fun, being a teacher who can't talk!

Kavi and I were having a rough morning today -- I was trying to get some work done for class, and she was just hanging on me and hollering, for no reason I could see (not hungry, not needing to be changed, just wanting attention). Finally I turned on the tv and found "Musical Morning", one of the Sprout network shows. It's basically a series of Sesame Street music videos, strung together by little intros from muppets. She loves it. For a while, she just sat and watched, bopping along with the music. Then she started wandering around the living room and playing, the way she normally does in the morning, just looking up occasionally when the music starts. But she's much calmer now, and I can eat breakfast and read a student story. (Which, by the way, made me cry. Good student!) So much for all my good intentions about not putting her in front of the tv....sigh. Welcome marketers. At least according to that article, ads are limited to two minutes at top and bottom of show (not during), and are targeted at parents and caregivers, not at kids. Ads for diapers, for example. That's something. I still feel like a bad mommy, though.

The only notable thing to report about the weekend is that I took a shallow water aerobics class, and it was really fun. It's just so much more pleasant being in the water than just bopping around in the air, and you're covered in water up to your shoulders, so it doesn't matter if everyone else in the class is skinnier than you are. You can't even see if they're kicking higher than you; it really helps erase the self-conscious / competitive elements from the class. Despite it being a pretty high-intensity workout (water is hard to push through!), the class felt a lot more peaceful and meditative than aerobics normally does. Hopefully I'll keep going every Sunday morning.

Can I pause here and note that I love Kevin? For many reasons, but in particular, because he wakes up hours early on a Sunday to watch Kavi so that I can get to my class on time. What a great guy!

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