Sometime around now is…

Sometime around now is Kevin's and my anniversary; we met in the basement of Eckart Hall, sixteen years ago. Sixteen years down -- hopefully another sixty to go! Yay, love. :-)

Today I'm at home with baby, and will hopefully be able to do some gardening without Kavi getting too covered in dirt. I have lots of plants to get into pots on the roof, and quite a bit of stuff to tear up, clean up, etc. That's the main goal for today, that and trying to catch up a bit on e-mail. This evening, dinner with Nilofer, Venu, Shruthi. Should be fun.

Exercise: Tuesday (swimming, 1/2 hr); Wednesday (heavy-duty gardening); Thursday (a bit of weights, high-intensity treadmill, 15 minutes).

Green veg.: Tuesday (salad); Wednesday (saag / spinach-ricotta filling); Thursday (salad)

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