So much happening here…

So much happening here -- my sisters and some old family friends are visiting, in town for Sharmi's bachelorette party. We're gardening like mad, fixing up the roof garden. The Chicago mom bloggers are coming for brunch on Sunday. Lots of teaching and grading right now -- quizzes, papers, stories, etc. Trying to take a long walk every day with Kavi and Ellie, because I am sorely out of shape -- can't go up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. Must fix. The first day of walking (three days ago), I was exhausted partway through an hour-long walk. Yesterday, very tired. But today, started to feel good again, feel the muscles happy in my body. Why oh why is starting to exercise so very hard? A few more days of this, and then maybe we can ratchet up the intensity a little. Run around with Ellie in the dog park, that kind of thing.

It's crazy busy here, with not so much time to breathe, but also, it's nice. Life is very full. It'll be good when it's a little less full again, but it feels heady and rich right now, like the humid spring air. :-)

I woke up at 4, from a dream that Kevin had died. Very disturbing. But he woke up enough to assure me that he was not dead, and then I felt better, and then I was awake, so Ellie and I went for a walk up and down the block, and then I came back and started planning brunch for Sunday. It's a little complicated, because it's Passover, and several of my guests loosely observe, so I want to be sure there are plenty of options for them. I'm making one quiche, but aside from that, I think the rest is okay?

  • strawberry-spinach salad
  • tomato-mozzarella-basil salad
  • Thai mango-chicken curry wontons
  • spicy (kosher) turkey sausage
  • broccoli-cheddar quiche
  • sauteed mushrooms
  • creamy scrambled eggs
  • salmon curry
  • potato curry
  • saffron-rose rice
  • mango passion mimosas
Are wontons okay? Or are they leavened bread??

I'm serving both dairy and meat, but I figure they can choose which they want, if they observe that part. Is dairy + eggs also bad?

3 thoughts on “So much happening here…”

  1. OK, your dream sounds dreadful, but I was laughing aloud at this: “But he woke up enough to assure me that he was not dead”
    Great comedic timing!

    Also, from sharing a kosher kitchen years ago, i know eggs+ dairy is alright. Eggs are “non vegetarian” in my Indian upbringing so it was a bit if a surprise.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Avril, it’s this mango-shrimp recipe — I just substitute chicken for shrimp. I usually use more curry paste and mango chutney than the recipe calls for. The quiche is straight out of the Fannie Farmer cookbook — I think it’s a pretty standard quiche recipe, nothing exciting.

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