Sorry for the quiet;…

Sorry for the quiet; it's been very busy, and will remain so for a bit. Highlights:

  • Kavi has an ear infection. I am bummed, in part because I was hoping she might escape these entirely, due to my excellent parenting. But no. The poor munchkin tugs at her ear all the time, and is a bit feverish, and is now taking antibiotics to clear it up. I don't like it. Over-prescription of antibiotics is creating drug-resistant strains of bacteria. But as the alternative is to let my baby be sick, there's not so much choice. Pfui.

  • Had a great visit with Sugi, promoting her new Sri Lankan-American-Candian novel, Love Marriage. Fabulous Thai dinner at Sticky Rice with Ranjit and Sugi Friday night. We did readings together Friday night (at the Book Cellar), Saturday afternoon (at the Asian American Studies Conference), and then she did a workshop at Roosevelt. Great fun, and good programming for DesiLit. Funding for bringing Sugi out courtesy of both the AASC and the Kiran Bavikatte Foundation.

  • Stopped by Nilofer's yesterday evening for her extremely low-key surprise wedding. Okay, the wedding wasn't actually a surprise to her; she knew that she and Shashi were signing the papers. But the impromptu party was a surprise, orchestrated by Shashi. I got balloons and confetti (which they're probably still cleaning up). There was wedding cake, and a little bouquet, and kisses, and we got to witness the minister saying 'by the power vested in me...' Much fun had by all, and the babies looked adorable in the photos. Yay, weddings!

  • Kavi said her first word! She's been making all kinds of noises for a while -- mamamamama, and da da -- the latter clearly a word of some kind, but used impartially for Kevin, me, the table, her dinner... But today Ellie came to the top of the stairs, and Kavi hung on her gate at the bottom, and hollered insistently up at Ellie, "dog! dog! dog! dog!" Quite relentlessly, until we finally let Ellie come downstairs. As first words go, it's pretty good. :-) Now we know who's important in this house.

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