Really nice post from…

Really nice post from John Scalzi on polyamory and/or legalizing polygamy. It's rare to see such a sane, balanced discussion from a married straight guy. And probably because his initial post was so sensible, the comments (so far) have been very mellow and reasonable as well. Nice.

10 thoughts on “Really nice post from…”

  1. Mary Anne, you had a really nice essay on polyamory somewhere on your site, but I have lost the link. Do you have it handy & will you share it?

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    David, I’m afraid I have no memory of this, and no idea where it would be. It’s something I wrote, or something I linked to?

  3. It is an essay you wrote. Someone posted the link here on your journal maybe a year ago. I will look back through these pages.

    You had a link on the page with the essay to someone else’s humorous essay called something like “How to fail at polyamory.”

  4. Thanks Jed, but no, that was not it. It was not a journal entry; it was somewhere else on this site. I found it originally because someone posted the link to it in a comment to an entry here. It had the infinity-heart logo on the page. I will keep looking. Apparently my bookmark to it was lost when my system was updated.

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