There’s been some mild…

There's been some mild panic on some of the publishing lists I'm on that Amazon is requiring POD publishers use their POD press. This is not as bad as it initially sounds. Please read this open letter on the Amazon site that should assuage most folks' concerns.

My understanding is that at the moment at least, LSI titles are also fine. But basically, it's a small extra step to be certain your titles will be fine, either through printing five copies in advance for Amazon or printing some of your inventory through BookSurge. (I'll probably be doing the latter for The Poet's Journey.)

In other news, had a quiet day yesterday. The house was kind of a mess, so while Kevin watched the baby, I mostly cleaned. It's back to normal slightly chaotic levels now. :-) (Kavi's books scattered across the floor, the cloth napkins pulled out of their cabinet and also scattered on the floor, one pot of dirt tipped over that I haven't had a chance to clean up, but it's in an out of the way corner, so oh well...)

Soon, Nancy will be here to watch Kavi, and I head up to Evanston to teach. Fun!

On the web design front, do you have an opinion on how many entries to have on the front page of the site? It was five entries for a while -- now it's three. Is three too few/too short? I do occasionally post two-line entries... Jed's also added the post comments link there, so now, if you prefer, you can just read the journal from my front page. We'll be updating the normal comments page with the new look soon -- maybe this weekend.

Oh, and for your entertainment, a charming story about Wikihistory. Made me laugh out loud; what a nice way to start the day!

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