One of the fun things…

One of the fun things about Kavi getting older is that we're moving away from pureed baby foods to more and more real foods. Last week, Kevin tried giving her some rice and cauliflower curry from our dinner -- she liked it! She had rice and chicken and carrot curry while visiting my parents; she was sort of resistant to the chicken, but so far, she's been resisting all meats. Maybe our daughter will end up a vegetarian! (Karina, is this your influence? :-) Kavi adores cheerios, of course, like all babies, and will eat them when she's refusing everything else. But she also likes frozen peas -- the other day, I was feeding her a jar of pureed peas (which she liked fine), and Kevin started offering her frozen peas, which she ate quite eagerly.

It's a little slower giving Kavi real food, because she still only has the two bottom front teeth, so can't chew very effectively. We have to give her time to mush it down, and then periodically give her sips of water to be sure she's swallowing it all and not in danger of choking. But going a little slower is not such a hardship unless I'm in a particularly impatient mood. We're starting to develop a little routine in the mornings now. It goes like this:

  • Kavi wakes up, drinks bottle of milk
  • I put on Kavi's music and she dances and plays
  • I make my breakfast of scrambled eggs, ham, and bread
  • I eat most of it sitting on the living room couch while reading a book; Kavi continues playing
  • Kavi wanders over to see what mommy is doing
  • I feed Kavi little bites of egg and bread, with sips of water, in between reading pages; music continues in the background
It's all rather pleasant and mellow. This morning, I re-read an old favorite, R.A. Macavoy's Tea with the Black Dragon -- Kavi pulled it off the shelf a few days ago, and I remembered that I liked it, but couldn't remember anything else about it. I liked it again on re-reading, although I could barely follow the computer bits, they were so hopelessly antiquated.

Today, Kevin's supposed to watch the baby. I'm going to try to catch up on both e-mail and history reading during the day, maybe take a walk -- we should have a high of around 50 today, which sounds awfully spring-like. In the evening, meeting Venu, Shruthi, and Nilofer for dinner at Violet Hour, an exceedingly hip place in our neighborhood. I'm not sure I'm hip enough for it; we'll see how it goes.

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