God, I love our…

God, I love our apartment.

Kevin and I keep having these conversations about where we want to bring Kavi up, long-term. It's seductive, looking at real estate listings, thinking about whether we could afford a little patch of yard, or a place close to the lake, or a neighborhood safe for biking around, or a basement. There are days when I really lust after a finished basement.

But that said, Kavi and I came home today to a clean house (which I felt very virtuous about). And oh, the Brazilian cherry floors, the granite counters, the open floor plan with all the french doors and all the light. The dark red accent walls, the plants everywhere (still alive), the Persian carpets.

After all the travelling and a baby who was getting just a little cranky the last half hour because mommy had run out of milk, it was so very very nice to come home to a beautiful house. It lifts the spirit.

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