Oof. I was sick sick…

Oof. I was sick sick sick yesterday. All the disgusting bits that one associates with the stomach flu, leading me to cancel my class and collapse into bed. We were super-lucky that we'd scheduled an extra day of babysitting yesterday -- the plan was to use the time to finish the nonfiction book draft, but instead, Melissa watched Kavi and I spent the day crawling from bed to bathroom and back again.

I seem pretty much better today, but now Kevin is sick. Kavi is still a little sick herself -- she had a mild fever Monday, and her appetite is way down -- we can only get her to eat about half what she normally eats. Hopefully that won't last much longer. We're having to watch her pretty carefully for signs of dehydration right now, poor munchkin.

We're all vaguely miserable here, but at least this is a minor, passing illness. Heather, I'll be thinking about River all day today, praying for a smooth, successful and uneventful surgery.

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