Hey, folks. So…

Hey, folks. So here's the little project that I've been hinting about -- actually, it's in two parts:

1. I've started a small press. It's called Serendib Press.

2. Our first book is a collaboration between myself and Kat Beyer, The Poet's Journey, available for purchase right now. Isn't it pretty? :-) Suitable for children and poets of all ages. (In a month or two, once it's processed, you'll be able to also buy it from Amazon, but if you do that, Kat and I get like 25 cents each/book, instead of $3/book. Just fyi.) The best part of the whole project has been working with Kat -- I love her illustrations, and I especially love all of the marvellous expressions she gave my young poet. So adorable!!! I hope we get the chance to do more books together in the future...

Umm...that's it, I think. This is really sort of a pre-launch launch -- we're planning to launch the press properly with a party at WisCon. Right now, I'd love it if you have a chance to stop by the site and take a look, let me know if you catch any typos, broken links, etc. I think I got Dreamweaver to do basically everything I wanted to do -- although I failed utterly in my attempts to redefine the basic style sheets, and after a few hours of pounding my head against the wall, gave up in frustration (all I wanted to do was change the blues of the links to greens, sigh). But there may well be errors I missed. Help?

So I'm a publisher now. Hooray!

And no, I didn't have enough to do already. Why do you ask?

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I’m honestly not sure where the lines get drawn — Kavi is much too young for me to have any experience. 🙂 I’d guess that you could read it to a very little kid of age 3+, maybe skipping over one or two scary lines if you have a particularly sensitive child. And that a kid could read it on their own and appreciate it best maybe age 7-10? But I’m not too sure…

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