Sorry for the quiet…

Sorry for the quiet of the last few days -- Jed was visiting, for a belated ten-year anniversary celebration. We escaped to Harvey House in Oak Park for a few days, and it was very restful. Took a Wright house and studio tour, which was fascinating; I know about twice as much about architecture now as I did before (and yes, that means my knowledge of architecture is pretty pitiful).

It helped spending a couple of hours reading a book on Wright before the tour -- Wright-Sized Spaces was a really excellent primer on how Wright made small spaces feel big -- very readable and great info for anyone interested in how you design a house to maximize the use of space. I wouldn't want to live in a Wright house, I think, but a lot of his innovations show up in homes I love. Makes me want to build a house myself...'cause y'know, I need another project. :-)

We watched a couple romantic comedies -- not as many as we'd planned, but was fun anyway. License to Wed (which neither of us had seen), Roxanne (which Jed hadn't seen), and The American President (which both of us had seen). I think Roxanne is by far the best movie of the three, though TAP has some very funny lines. Structurally skimpy, though.

Yesterday, we had Ethiopian food for lunch and he headed home -- I ran errands for a few hours, while Melissa watched Kavi. We were rather desperately short of diapers and wipes, somehow, also dog food. All fixed now, and in the process, I ended up buying Easter candy. Not that it's anywhere near Easter yet, but Walgreens doesn't seem to know that. And I do love the jelly beans, egg-shaped chocolates, Peeps, and Cadbury creme eggs (though I can barely finish eating one of the latter, they're so rich). Do you like Easter candy? What's your favorite? :-)

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  1. A well-known topologist and her analyst husband (the Rudins) live in a Wright house. They love it. I have visited it once, and their home, at least, I would love also. But some of Frank Lloyd Wright’s other places I am more doubtful about.

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