Kavya Discovers the…

Kavya Discovers the Hallway

a tragedy in five acts

Act 1: Ah, what is this vast expanse upon which I find myself, moored, lost and alone, one small creature in a trackless wilderness?

Act 2: I will set out to conquer this new land, for surely somewhere in its farthest reaches lies some other human form to whom I may turn for succor?

Act 3: Hmm...this isn't so bad. Maybe I could learn to like it here, on my own, hanging out, just me and the Brazilian cherry wood.

Act 4: No, no, it is too much, it is too hard, I cannot do this alone, it is more than one poor soul may bear...

Act 5: There! There is my mommy! And she is not picking me up. SHE IS NOT PICKING ME UP!!! MUST. KILL. MUST! KILL!!!

The moral of the story: Perfectly civilized human beings may go wild and feral if left alone too long in the wilderness. No man is an island unto himself. People, people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world....

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