Okay, doing better. …

Okay, doing better. Kavi went back to sleep on the couch at 4, and slept pretty solidly until 9! She seems to sleep better on the couch than in her crib -- I think because it's softer and more enveloping. I know that's very anti-SIDS, but she's past the dangerous window for SIDS, and so I'm not really worried about the softness of the couch -- in fact, I wish I could find her a crib mattress that was as cushiony. Right now I end up piling stuffed animals and blankets around her to make a little nest, but that isn't as effective (and is, I think, more of a breathing risk than a cushy mattress would be).

I worked for an hour, and then napped beside her from 5-9. It wasn't the deepest sleep ever, but I did manage to get some rest in there. And now Jarmila is here watching her, so I was able to put away the groceries (delivered by PeaPod, yay), water the plants, eat some breakfast, drink some tea, and even revise a little essay for the Clarion Charity anthology and send it off to the Vandermeers. It's good to be productive.

The main thing I have to work on today and tomorrow is my final book list and syllabus for my spring classes. I'm not ready to focus on that yet, though, so I think I'll churn through a bit of e-mail, and do a little organizing / laundry / etc. Hopefully by afternoon, I'll be in more of an academic mood. If not, maybe I'll take advantage of the break to do a little writing or painting. We'll see.

At 5, Kriti planning meeting here; we'll probably order pizza. Lots of new folks expressed interest, so hopefully this will be a productive meeting. I got pretty burned out last time around, though that may have been partly the pregnancy. I don't really recommend putting on a four-day festival when you're eight months pregnant!

11:01 update -- printed out and sent off "Talking to Elephants" to F&SF, finally. My first short story submission in, oh, five years? A while, anyway. Yay, me!

2 thoughts on “Okay, doing better. …”

  1. Hey, that’s great that you got a story sent off. Yay!

    Sorry I’m not closer to help with the demon baby. Give her lots of kisses for me, please? I miss you both.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I hear you’ve been helping out Catie and Beth? How is that going? I bet Samuel isn’t as cute as Kavi… 🙂

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