I’m trying to figure out…

I'm trying to figure out logistics. The variables:

  • Kevin wants to be woken around 10.
  • Around noon, he has to go to campus, and will be there until late; he teaches his evening class today.
  • It's very cold out, so I feel bad making him take public transit instead of the car, especially returning late.
  • I was going to have babysitting tomorrow, but her father-in-law in Africa has taken ill, and her husband is flying out there, so she needs to...anyway, the point is, no babysitting until Saturday.
  • I really need to get quite a bit of reading done today or tomorrow.
  • Kavi may or may not let me do much reading if we stay here.
  • If I go up to Nilofer's, I can share her babysitter. Normally, I would leave here around 10, in order to avoid morning rush hour traffic.
  • We only have one car.
  • I can't take Ellie to Nilofer's.
  • I don't want to box Ellie for more than 3-4 hours; I'd prefer not to box her at all, if possible.
  • Dropping Ellie at doggy day care will double the cost of the day's babysitting.
I think that's all the variables. It's a bit mad. If only we had regular sitting -- the problem is that it's hard to find reliable folks for part-time sitting, especially on weekdays. Tomorrow, I interview a woman from a nanny service; if she works out and we want to do it, I'd have regular babysitting Mon and Wed, in addition to the current Sat. But the woman who comes Sat comes for $10/hr, and this new woman is a more experienced nanny, and from a service, and they charge $15/hr, which is pushing our budget pretty hard. Still, it might be worth it in order to have more steady and reliable time to work. It's just so hard to predict with Kavi -- there are days when she lets me read at least, no problem. And other days when it just isn't going to happen.

Childcare is complicated.

5 thoughts on “I’m trying to figure out…”

  1. Mary Anne–

    Care dot com. It popped up as sponsored link in my google search for childcare. I received lots and lots of responses from nannies (w/ references, certification, etc.). It’s been only a couple of days, since we picked our part-time nanny, but it feels like a good fit. Best of luck!

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    That’s definitely an option. But I think what I may do is try to work here today, and go up to Nilofer’s for a half day (because I have an appt. at 11 here) tomorrow. Kevin’s mostly off tomorrow, so there’d be a lot less box time for Ellie…

    Thanks for the recommendation, Maya — I’ll look into it.

  3. What about students at school? (For sittng?) Several of our grad students are part time nannies as way of making money in grad school and when I was an undergrad several friends helped pay for school with regular babysitting gigs.

  4. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Unfortunately, I’m teaching adult education right now, and all my students have full-time jobs. In the spring, I’ll be teaching undergrads, but that’ll be too late — we need coverage before that quarter starts.

    I suppose I could wander around putting up flyers on campuses, but that seems a bit mad. 🙂

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