I know you’re sick…

I know you're sick of hearing about how Kavi doesn't sleep, but seriously, it's killing us. We had a few days when we thought she was finally getting the hang of it -- sleeping for 3-4 hrs at a time, only waking up to eat and then going right back to sleep. We could cope with that, pretty indefinitely, even if it does make us want to snarl in the direction of those parents whose babies actually sleep for 6+ hrs at a time! (I don't think Kavi has EVER done that.)

But lately, we're back to waking up much more frequently. Last night, we put her to bed at 8:30. Awake at 10. Awake at 11:30. Awake at 2:30. Awake at 5 -- and then insisted on staying awake, until finally napping again around 7. And this is not just wake up wanting a bottle in her crib. No, this is hollering until one of us PICKS HER UP and CARRIES HER and soothes her slowly back to sleep (always risking that she will howl again when we try to put her back down). This is what the little arasi demands.

If we'd known she was going to be like this, I think we would have gotten a co-sleeper from the beginning and just ditched the whole crib idea entirely. We still may give in and do that, because she clearly sleeps better if she's sleeping right next to (or on) one of us. But I guess I just live in hope, because I keep saying that maybe it's just the teething, and she'll be done with this second tooth soon and will give us a breather. Or maybe it's that she's still a little sick, and so when her nose is sniffly and congested, she wakes up from having trouble breathing, and when she's better, she'll sleep like an angel. Or maybe she just needs to eat more before bed, and we can add more solids and get an even faster-flow nipple. Or maybe, just maybe -- this is my latest hope -- that the DEX Sound Sleeper that just arrived today will soothe her back to sleep whenever she wakes up, because maybe it's just waking in a silent room that scares her.

I don't know. But I do know this -- she's been napping listening to the wave sound (which is rather pleasant for me too) for two solid hours now. Usually she naps for 1 - 1.5 hrs. So I am crossing my itty-bitty fingers and hoping. Shhh, baby. Sleep...

(If this works, this will be the best $20 I have ever spent in my life.)

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  1. As we recently were told that my pregnant wife is expecting twins, I am very interested in whether this device works for you.

    I recall how tough it was when my kids from my first marriage were young enough that they weren’t sleeping more than a few hours. . . I’m not looking forward to the unsynchronized sleeping patterns of TWO babies!

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I promise to report back. 🙂

    Nap: 2.5 hrs!

    But as Kevin points out, that may just be because she’s tired from having not slept well last night…

  3. Mary Anne,

    I feel for you. I’m probably jinxing myself, but i already bragged about it on my blog, so here goes–

    We used the Pantley No-Cry-Sleep Solution. It totally worked. It’s a *loving* method, which is probably what i like best about it. It took a couple of days before it took hold, but now we’re getting used to about 10-12 hours of sleep. I didn’t even get the book, i just followed the guidelines that are available online: http://www.pantley.com/elizabeth/books/0071381392.php

    A lot of it is commonsense i.e. dim the lights an hour before bedtime, no TV, give baby a chance to soothe herself, establish a bedtime ritual etc., But it works!

    All the best~

  4. that method does work its what i used to get natalia to sleep through the night the only time she has trouble sleeping now is when shes in an unfamiliar setting

    p.s. kavi’s seven months now huh i think seven months was the worst age for us natalia was simply horid

  5. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Eight months, actually, Shantha. 🙂 One month younger than Natalia, right?

    Sleep report: results inconclusive. Try back later. The problem is that Kavi has a cold too, pretty congested, and is teething, so even though she’s still waking up a lot, we don’t know if it’s a passing thing. The first night with the ocean sound, she did do a five hour sleeping stretch, from 9 p.m – 2 a.m. — but then she was up for an hour or so, which is not so good. I’m not sure what happened last night — she went to sleep really early (around 7?) and woke up around 10:30 for a while. But then I went back to sleep, and Kevin dealt with her, so although I didn’t get her until 5:45, I don’t know how much she slept in there. Maybe we need to start keeping a log.

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