So, we have more and…

So, we have more and more stuff happening with DesiLit, from the local chapter activities (bookclubs, workshops, potlucks, etc.) to the online magazine to the online workshops, not to mention our various members' publications, readings, events, etc. But what we don't have is a monthly newsletter, to collect all this fabulous info in a nice compact form that we can send out in e-mail and post on our website. We think this would be a great way to help build awareness of S. Asian and diaspora writing. So to that end, we need a few good newsletter editors.

If you take on the job, you'd e-mail the various DesiLit chapters once a month to find out what's happening in their city and you'll post a note to the mailing lists asking for members to let you know what's happening with their writing/books/etc. in the coming month. Then you'd write it up in a nice little newsletter form, and we'll send it out to a variety of interested places. I think it's a time commitment of roughly 2-3 hours/month.

Sounds good? If interested in being one of our newsletter editors, please drop me a line. Ideally, we'd like 2-3 editors, so that the burden isn't too onerous on any one person.

5 thoughts on “So, we have more and…”

  1. How does one start a local Desilit chapter? I haven’t met any South Asians who write where I live and I’m hoping that doesn’t mean there aren’t any here. Any ideas?

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Hey, Priya. So, we ask that folks have at least 5 interested folks before we’ll help you start a chapter — otherwise, they tend to just languish. But that said, what I’d recommend is that you post to a variety of relevant lists saying that you’re interested in starting a chapter in your area and asking if others are interested. I can help with that, if you’re not on any S. Asian literary/artistic lists. You’d want to remember that you don’t need to limit it to writers — interested readers are also great, since you can do things like start a S. Asian book club (which we have going in Chicago and Toronto)…

    Where do you live?

  3. Hi MaryAnne,

    Besides being S.Asian,how about if a work of fiction, drama, poetry or even philosophy had been self-published but professionally executed to the last detail. And if the writer in question had a previous track record of professional writing? Would that be acceptable?

    Wonderful to see you back to your old self by the way…the full of zest & vitality and ready-to-start-a-new-book self. 🙂

  4. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Susan, are you talking about for being brought to Chicago by DesiLit? Self-published is okay; we’d just want to see and evaluate the work, the same as we would for any other type of published.

  5. Yes, Mary Anne. Sorry for being vague. I was talking about the DesiLit and had wondered if applications for self-published work would still be considered. I’ll take it that it’s a ‘yes’.

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