Kevin and I are still…

Kevin and I are still trying to figure out how much screen time we want Kavi to have. We've already caved on the muppet front, as previously discussed. But what about computers? Some of our friends' kids got baby computers before they were two years old! Is that reasonable? Ridiculous? I don't know.

What I do know is that Kavi is already fascinated by our laptops. She tries her best to thump the keys if we let them within reach. (With amusing results, or not so amusing if you're trying to play World of Warcraft and you're in the middle of a big battle.) And I have to think once she's a bit older, we'll be showing her some educational stuff -- like this incredibly gorgeous little site, Bembo's Zoo. A must-visit for fans of animals, letters and words, or beautiful graphic design, whether you have little kids or not.

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