We’re all a little…

We're all a little sick here, which makes me exhausted and Kavi fretful. A lot of the day is spent distracting her from her stuffy nose and congested head, and anything that can help distract her is welcome -- including the dreaded TV. We'd been sort of trying to avoid pointing her at the TV up until now, but in the face of this bug, we've totally caved.

What's fascinating to me is what she likes. Elle, the three-year-old who was living here while we were gone, apparently watched Dora and Blue's Clues and the like, because we have a bunch of them still recorded on the Tivo. Kavi likes those okay. Mommy's home improvement shows are bad, and elicit immediate loud complaints! Too many boring shots of rooms with no people. People are what she wants to see -- faces, in particular. But you know what's even better than people? We found out when we tried her on an episode of Sesame Street -- Kavya likes Muppets. She is, in fact, totally fascinated by Muppets. This is very good for keeping a sick kid occupied...

But what's really great about it? It means that mommy finally has a good excuse to buy the first season of Fraggle Rock. Yay! :-)

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  1. try the mommy and me DVDs lots of singing and kids natalia loves them I hope kavya feels better natalia is sick too

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