Well, we didn’t make it…

Well, we didn't make it quite as far as we'd hoped -- stopped in Rawlins instead of Laramie. Is okay, though. We're a little less than halfway there, I think. It was a bit brutal last night, stomping through snowdrifts up to my knees in order to get some dinner from the restaurant next door, while a fierce wind buffeted me, cutting right through my inadequate sweatshirt. Time to dig out the coat from the car, I'm afraid. A harsh re-entry into winter.

The first two hours of the drive were really gorgeous, driving through the Wasatch mountains in the bright morning sunlight, snow dusting evergreens, all bright and sparkly against a clear blue sky. But eventually it got overcast and then it got pretty tedious. Baby was good until 6-ish, again and then got fretty for two hours. It's starting to be a pattern.

I did some crocheting while it was light (making a scarf), and played some Sims while Kev was driving, until my computer ran out of power. Mostly we listened to the first Miles Vorkosigan audiobook, which is a pretty good choice for car listening -- fast-paced, lots of dialogue and action, so even though it's in the relatively slow audiobook form, it feels like you're getting somewhere.

Today, more of the same. Probably aiming for Lincoln, Nebraska tonight. If we're ambitious, we'll make it to Omaha. If we're really ambitious, we go all the way to Des Moines, Iowa. I wouldn't count on it, though.

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