The packing, it goes…

The packing, it goes slowly. The day so far:

  • overnight: Mommy takes Kavi for the night so Daddy can get some sleep and get all better. Mommy sleeps from 10:30 - 7, which sounds good in theory, but was woken up 3-4 times by Miss K. Groggy Mommy.
  • 7-9 a.m.: Wake up, feed the baby, change the baby, eat some herb bread and fancy cheese (thanks, Mya!), make tea, unpack all the bags and boxes that Kevin brought down from Oakland, making several neat piles on the floor, which is probably progress of a sort but feels like it creates more chaos, drink half the tea, note baby is getting sleepy (as indicated by rubbing of eyes and howls of outrage), go to put baby to sleep
  • 9 - 10:40 a.m.: Baby refuses to sleep in her bed, will only sleep in Mommy's arms. Mommy sits down in comfy chair with her, planning to let her sleep for fifteen minutes or so, and then try putting her down again, but ends up dozing off instead, waking up finally with baby and a fierce crick in her neck. Mommy wishes she had either a) actually put baby down, or b) given up and lain down to sleep properly. Sigh.
  • 10:40 - 11:00: Mommy tries to deal with baby, loses patience, wakes up Daddy and hands off baby.
  • 11 - 1:30: Eat lunch (leftover Thai, thanks Jed!), finish packing second box to ship, help Daddy unload dining table and chairs from car (borrowed from Kev's parents for the semester), finish packing Mommy and Kavi's suitcases and actually stow them in car. Feel briefly triumphant that visible progress has been made.
  • 1:30...: Feel downcast that there is so much left to do. Also, baby is clearly tired but refuses to nap no matter what. Coax Daddy into wearing baby in Bjorn so we can keep getting stuff done.

More updates as the day progresses.

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