Okay, so I have to…

Okay, so I have to admit, I'm sort of freaking out a little about driving across country with Kavi. I keep having visions of us hitting some ice and crashing over the side of a cliff, or just having the car die (run out of gas, whatever), and us slowly freezing to death by the side of a road. I realize none of this is likely, but it definitely feels very different from our jaunt out here this summer, driving east into the heart of winter.

We're currently trying to figure out what the safest days to drive will be. We had been thinking we'd go on Thursday morning, but now, looking at the weather report, it looks like it'll be clearest if we leave on Friday morning, I think? Ugh -- I'm having a very hard time figuring it out. If anyone has any advice to give -- on weather, driving cross-country in winter, whatever, please let me know.

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  1. Take heart! If you are driving on interstates, you cannot end up stranded on the side of the road long enough for you to starve and freeze and die. (I had similar concerns the first time I did a long cross-country drive, but seriously, those roads are never empty. If you end up in horrible dead-car distress, you will still be able to find someone to help you out.)

  2. What Susan said.

    Also, if at all possible, do not drive in the mountains after dark. Night driving in the mountains can be extremely stressful when the roads are dry and clear. Add snow and ice and… Well, I just wouldn’t do it. Period.

    I think I’ve only done the I80 eastbound route once, but I remember it being a good deal more mellow than the southern routes. If you drive cautious and try not to be in on the road in the mountains after dark you should do fine.

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