Hey, I’ve started really…

Hey, I've started really getting into Trader Joe's -- a new one just opened up near where we're staying. Not everything of theirs is good, but a lot is, and it's surprisingly cheap, and so quick to make. Plus, makes it easy to count calories, since most of their stuff is packaged. A few things I've liked lately:

TJ goat cheese, red pepper, endive, mixed greens salad
TJ spa salad: noodles, romaine lettuce, chicken, mandarin orange, grapes, curry dressing

TJ burgundy-pepper lamb tips -- this is a package of pre-seasoned lamb pieces. I boiled some chicken broth and water, tossed some orzo in, and while that cooked for 10 minutes, seared the lamb, added a half-glass of red wine (drank the other half), added the orzo, cooked for a few minutes and served. (If you don't like orzo, would also be good over linguine.) A bit one-note, but tasty, and an impressive dish for ten minutes of cooking. Made enough for four smallish servings, so with salad, was decent dinner for dieting me and Kev, and lunch for Mya the next day. With a steamed vegetable (could toss one of their pre-packaged ones in the microwave), would have been a fast, well-balanced meal.

On the down side, didn't like the artichoke ravioli (flavorless), or the Mexican salad (ditto). If you're already TJ fans, would appreciate recommendations!

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  1. It’s stupidly simple, but TJ’s frozen mac & cheese is damn tasty.

    I’m also a big fan of their Gorgonzola gnocci, their pre-packaged carne asada tri-tip and their bool kogi.

    Their orange chicken isn’t too bad either!

    Also, when they’ve got’em, the purple artichokes are amazing.

  2. We enjoy their marinated meats. Pollo Asado. Bul Go Gi.

    When we’re feeling very serious about consuming less white flour, we head to TJ. They also have whole wheat options for every bread-like and pasta product you can think of, and they’re good. Also, almond meal.

    TJs is a supplier for Fage yogurt.

    Ooh, and their oatmeal cookies!

  3. Curried chicken Asian salad. But I never get to go to TJ’s, because they aren’t close. We have a new Whole Paycheck, though, but it’s not the same.

  4. TJ favorites:

    Their pre-made pizza dough is cheap and excellent (but their whole-wheat is not so good, and their herb dough tears apart instead of stretching.)

    Dubliner chedder is great.

    Their vacuum-sealed pre-cooked lentils are shockingly good. If you make your own pesto, basil, cheese, olive oil and pine nuts are all cheap at TJs.

    Main drawback to the new TJs in Rockridge: resisting the temptation to walk the 30 yards north to raid Zachary’s for their awesome thin-crust pizza.

  5. Damn, I almost forgot! Their Charles Shaw wines (universally known as “Two-Buck Chuck”) are actually drinkable.

    The reds, anyhow.

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