Well, now that Kavi is…

Well, now that Kavi is six months old, and I'm not breastfeeding anymore, I don't have any excuse for not exercising. Plus, I can no longer eat whatever I want, confident that my milk-producing body will burn off the extra. So I'm officially starting to exercise again and watch what I eat. Here's an initial record for today, to help keep me honest:


Very rough chart of today:

exercise: fifteen minutes *very* low-key yoga (with DVD), forty-five minute mellow walk with Ellie, lots of stops for her to sniff things

breakfast: one piece bacon, 1/2 c. egg salad, sourdough roll
lunch: 1 1/2 c. leftover pasta (chicken and asparagus in vodka sauce)
dinner: roast-beef/cheddar sandwich on challah roll with mustard, half-slice unsweetened cherry pie
beverage: three cups tea with splenda and skim milk


My short-term goal: lose five pounds by end of year. Depending on how that goes, will revise long-term goal. But right now, long-term goal, tentatively lose twenty-five pounds by June 1, 2008 -- that'll get me to 140 lbs. If I manage that, lose another ten lbs. by Sept 1, 2008. In time for wearing a stomach-baring sari at Sharmi's wedding. :-)

Okay, now I brace for it. Sigh...for me, weight loss does seem to work pretty effectively if I can be disciplined about calorie intake, but is no fun being a little bit hungry all the time.

Also, I need to try to minimize eating out, except for sushi. The same amount of curry in a restaurant probably has twice as many calories as the curry at home 'cause they load it up with butter to make it tasty. Sushi is one of the few restaurant foods where I can reliably count calories because they can't hide butter anywhere. :-) Lots of fast-food places (like Subway) also offer nutritional info now, so they're potentially okay, if I'm careful.

2 thoughts on “Well, now that Kavi is…”

  1. I’m on Weight Watchers and I highly recommend it, especially for losing pregnancy weight. It’s wierd but even after you stop breastfeeding, you still tend to want to eat the same quantity (at least I did). Just a couple of months on WW and I notice that I can’t eat as much as I used to because I feel very full.
    WW follows the principal of “everything in moderation” so you don’t feel like you’re on a diet.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I’ve heard good things about WW, and may try them if my method fails, but counting calories has worked for me in the past, so I’m going to just try that again first…

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