Mothers who reported…

Mothers who reported sleeping five hours or less per day when their babies were six months old had a threefold higher risk for substantial weight retention (11 pounds or more) at their babys first birthday than moms who slept seven hours per day, Harvard scientists say. Hear that, Kavi? Those extra 25 lbs I've gained and retained since your birth? That's all your fault...

To be fair, Kavya actually slept six solid hours last night, from 10:30 to 4:30, which is pretty miraculous for us. We tried putting her to sleep in her crib last night, rather than with us, and while it was definitely painful to climb out of bed at 4:30 to go get her and feed her (rather than just rolling over), it was worth it to have her sleep such a long stretch. We decided to do it because two nights ago, when she woke up around 2 a.m., she was clearly much more outraged about the lack of feeding when she turned and saw us right there, looking at her, and not doing anything about her howls of protest.

Despite her relatively good sleeping, we were still pretty wasted from the previous night's torments, and I'm definitely sick. Plus, I didn't end up getting writing done yesterday afternoon; I had forgotten that I had planned to stop by and see Heather for a while and actually hear her (truly brutal) birth story, and I had a phone call with Jennifer to talk about an erotica writing class she's teaching tonight (I passed along my favorite exercise for that kind of thing). So today I decided to stay home and work from here, instead of going to class in the morning. It feels very indulgent, in some sense, since Mya is here to take care of the baby, and I'm here too. But I'm sick, and I rest a lot less if I'm in charge of baby. And I get way less writing done.

So far this morning, I've done a variety of small SLF things, edited some photos, and written a new opening scene for the YA book. One more scene to write, and some line edits to implement, and then it'll be ready to send to workshop. And then I'm going to go collapse in bed.

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