Hey, folks. I’m…

Hey, folks. I'm interested in putting together a small project, a Tamil-English alphabet book, geared towards desi immigrant kids. Mostly 'cause there isn't such a thing for my daughter, as far as I can tell. There are plenty of traditional Tamil-English alphabet books that you can get in the homeland, of course, but I'm thinking of something a little different, and also a book that will be easy for immigrants and their descendants to purchase on Amazon.

I'd be doing the writing (with the help of my dad), and am looking for an illustrator to collaborate with us. You'd be illustrating about thirty pages, and don't need to read/write/speak Tamil to create the art. No pay up front, but we'd do a 50/50 split of the profits, if any. We'll probably be self-published through my small press, printed POD through Lulu, so no up-front costs for either of us, but we do only get a tiny bit profit per sale ($1-2, probably). This is not likely to be a big moneymaker, unless we get lucky and it gets popular with the Tamil immigrant community, so please only write back if you're willing to do it primarily as a labor of love. :-) The goal is to have the book finished by Oct. 2008, so that it's available as a gift for next year's Deepvali, Christmas, etc.

Please contact me if interested, ideally with a brief bio and a few e-mailed samples of your work. I'm particularly interested in hearing from Sri Lankan artists, but any S. Asian or diaspora artists would be potentially of interest!

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