Wow — the last ten or…

Wow -- the last ten or so entries have been all baby-related! I mentioned this to a friend, who said, "Yes, your journal isn't quite as edgy as it used to be." :-)

I suppose it's not surprising. I actually did think about going to a bi S/M sex party in the city two Fridays ago with a friend who was sex-party-curious and wanted company, but when the time came to actually leave the house at 9 p.m. and go all the way across the Bay, I was just way too tired. I promise, edginess galore will return once I get some regular sleep again. I hope so, anyway. I'm still not monogamous -- that's something, isn't it? Even if I'm not currently writing smut or picking up strangers at conventions or running an erotica magazine etc. and so on... My parents are still embarrassed by my unmarried state and the fact of our illegitimate daughter. So I haven't completely gone under into the sea of conventional domesticity.

Let's see -- non-baby stuff in the last week. Well, two Sundays ago, I did another session of the role-playing game that Jed is running for us this fall. It was fun, but I did figure out what made the game feel so different from the D&D I played as a teenager. Well, aside from the lack of party members being killed willy-nilly by bloodthirty DMs. Which is the complete lack of sexual tension in our current game. When I played as a teen, it was me and four fourteen-year-old boys, most of whom weren't so good at talking to girls in the normal course of affairs. So there was a definite sexual charge to the air during the games, even if none of us were going to do anything about it. Maybe the confusion and uncertainty added to it. Playing as a 30-something adult, which a bunch of other adults, is just not the same, even if you do think some of the other adults are pretty cute. :-)

And Thursday night, my old boyfriend Sherman came to dinner with his new girlfriend Alex, which was lovely. She's not actually so new -- they've been dating for about a year, and live together now, but I hadn't met her before, so she was new to me. He met her dancing, which is also how my friend Cliff met his now-fiance, so I'm thinking if you're a single guy in the Bay Area, which has a host of different dance thingies going on, dancing may well be your best route to meeting hot chicks. I'm just saying. Alex was funny and energetic and sweet and loves kids and she and Sherman seem really happy together. I'm glad. Mya also stayed for dinner, and was joined by her friend David; it was nice to meet him too. A good time was had by all; the only sad part of the evening is that by 9:30, we were all exhausted, so everyone went home and we went to bed. I know, not edgy. In the old days, we would have stayed up drinking and talking until four a.m., and when half the people were sacked out on couches, the others would be fooling around in a mild sort of way. Ah, college. The random sex, the excitment, the confusion, the jealousy, the heartbreak -- everyone once in a while, I really miss it. But mostly not.

Last night, Bryan came to join us for dinner. We picked up Mexican (good chicken at some random taco joint, I think it was called Parilla Grill) and hung out and talked. Mostly about kid stuff, because he has two of his own who are further along. But a bit about work and the like. I suppose to tie all this into the edgy entry, we could remind the gentle readers that Bryan and I dated very briefly in college, at the same time that I was dating Kevin and Bryan's now-wife, Elissa, was also dating Kevin. Which almost blew up very badly at the time, but we managed to pull it out into a very graceful save, and everyone got to live happily ever after. I don't think I ever told the whole story here, but someday, when we're all old and gray, maybe I will, if Bryan and Elissa don't mind. It has salacious bits.

Hopefully that's enough non-baby stuff to keep you for the moment. Next entry, back to baby: Has Kavi learned to sleep through the night? Will she and Mommy survive their week-long trip to the East Coast? Stay tuned...

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