aaagoohggohha ha ha ha…

aaagoohggohha ha ha ha ha eeeenagohhhh!!!

love and sloppy baby kisses,

P.S. Mommy notes: This morning e-mail comes to you directly from Kavi, transcribed by her mother. Kavya now has her own e-mail address, If you send her mail there, I will read it to her, and/or save it until she is old enough to read it. :-)

P.P.S. Mommy also notes: Kavi mostly has an e-mail address because she needed one to set up her Amazon wish list, because Christmas is coming! She has picked out many toys that she likes, and you can find them there. She is not actually expecting presents from all her internet friends, but since people have been surprising her with unexpected presents from day one, it seemed best to make her preferences widely known.

P.P.P.S. Mommy finally notes: Mommy and daddy have decided that they want to try pretty hard to avoid plastic toys and toys made in China, given all the lead-paint scares and recalls lately, and how Kavi likes to put all of her toys in her mouth. So they have spent some time researching, and all the toys on that list are safe. They're also not super-fond of loud electronic blinky-noisy toys, just so you know. They're hoping they can get by without them in Chicago when they get back, although perhaps that is a fool's dream...

For those interested, so far good companies include: Haba toys (although only their wood toys, as their fabric toys are manufactured in China), Plan Toys, Under the Nile, and Kathe Kruse (for fabric dollies). Apparently, the Kathe Kruse larger dolls are considered collectible, hence the massive price tags ($150 for a child's dolly? Are they kidding??), but the little dolls are reasonable. There are also a few Sevi items on there -- an Italian company that does produce in China, but claims it's under direct Sevi supervision and conforms to European standards (notably higher than U.S. standards).

Also, I'm not sure I've linked to this before: The Cool Mom Picks Safer Toy Guide

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