In a cranky mood,…

In a cranky mood, rough day today, for a variety of small and unimportant reasons. Also, tetchy baby. So here, something to cheer me up, and maybe you guys too. Flowers are pretty.

I particularly like this arrangement of gerbera daisies and dahlias because they're in autumn colors without being dull and brown. So many of the autumn mums look like they're dying to me even when they're fresh, just because of their coloring. I want my autumn flowers cheery, please. And I think dahlias may be my new favorite flower (okay, after irises and roses), because they come in such luscious colors.

I did have nice tea and scones this afternoon with Heather, who has not had her baby yet but any. minute. now. And am waiting to hear news on Nilofer's second baby, who is being induced today. It's baby-riffic! While I wait, and while Kavi finally naps, I am going to go play Paper Mario on Kevin's Wii. A good way to shake a bad mood.

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