There have been many…

There have been many babies born recently among our friends and family, and I have been sending a stream of baby photos to my sisters. They, continuing an ongoing family conversation about our Kavya's lack of hair, sent back these responses:

Sharmila: Why must all the other babies taunt Kavi with their luscious locks? I think bald is in anyway. I say we all shave our heads in solidarity!

Mirna: There is a country song about a high schoool student who gets leukemia, gets chemo and loses all her hair. Her date shaves his head ('in solidarity') and it went over really well at the prom.

A. Don't you love that they can fit all of that into one country song?
B. If Kavya is still bald at her prom...THEN I say we shave our heads. More dramatic.
C. Despite the fact that she is lockless...she is STILL the cutest of the recently emailed tots!

So there, Miss Kavi! You listen to your aunties and just let that bald head shine... :-)

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