Kavya in…

Kavya in L.A.!

This past weekend, I did a very tiny, very brief, very impromptu trip to L.A.

We got to see my cousin Shantha and meet her new daughter (Kavi's second cousin!) Natalya. Natalya tried to eat the menu, but did not succeed.

Kavi tries to drag Natalya down to her level, but fails, because her second cousin knows how to sit up! All by herself!
Natalya has an adorable smile, and much hair (I am envious).

Kavi is actually a month younger than Natalya, but you can't tell from these photos, because apparently, my daughter is a giant!
Doesn't she know that her mother is only five feet tall?

It was a great trip, all around, most especially just spending time with Lisette. BFF! :-)

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