Oh, I’m tired. Yes,…

Oh, I'm tired. Yes, this is a fairly constant refrain in any house with a baby, but what's notable is that the baby is asleep, and I could have gone to sleep an hour ago, and my eyes keep wanting to close, but I am choosing to stay awake. Why? Because one of my workshops is looking at the YA novel next week, which means it's due to the group today (i.e., tonight, obviously), and the section I want to give them (Parts I and II) are not quite done yet. I could give it to them with placeholders, 'family fight scene here,' 'big attack here, X dies!' -- but that is not, to put it mildly, ideal. So I'm going to try to keep going, at least a little while longer. But I so sleepy.

Never mind my whining. It's lovely, and exhilarating, to be writing so much again. I've done something like 10,000 words in the past three days, and it's just such a rush! There are times now when I actually come up out of the exhaustion haze long enough to appreciate my life. I have a lovely boy I get to live with, and another lovely boy to play with, and a neurotic but super-affectionate puppy, and a baby who gets more interesting every day (in tiny, tiny steps), and good friends, good family, a beautiful home and work I love. And oh, my health. What more could I ask?

Well, a big pile of money and a movie deal would be nice. But now I'm just getting greedy... :-)

Seriously, I do know how very lucky and blessed I am. I don't know how I got this lucky, but I am grateful.

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